How You Can Help End Animal Testing

Some people may ask – what’s wrong with animal testing? Poisoning, burning and killing animals is all in a day’s work in the laboratories of some well known beauty brands. It’s crazy to think that the cruelty and misery of animal testing is still facilitated in the name of vanity. Animals are still suffering and dying every day in laboratories, with little or no protection from cruelty.

Was the bodywash you used this morning tested on rabbits or other animals? What about your lipstick?

Wouldn’t it be nice to shop carefree, knowing that every cosmetic product produced and sold globally was made without subjecting animals to cruel testing methods that cause them pain and suffering?

This desire may soon become reality, with the fight to end cosmetics testing on animals going global like never before.

While hundreds of companies have already gone cruelty-free, others continue to test cosmetic ingredients on animals. To make cruelty-free cosmetics, companies can choose from thousands of established cosmetic ingredients that have already been proven to be safe. For new ingredients, there are now a number of non-animal tests available that are in fact cheaper, faster, and more accurate at predicting human reactions. Despite this, some companies continue to inflict cruel testings on animals.

There is no need for this cruelty to continue. These animals do not deserve this barbaric treatment. You can make a difference and help end this suffering now by only purchasing products from cruelty-free companies. Look out for the cruelty-free bunny logo when you’re shopping. Stop supporting companies who test on animals by refusing to purchase their products. You could also write to these companies to say that you will not support them until they stop testing on animals.

You can find a reliable list of cruelty-free companies on the PETA website.

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